When and how was SALTworld founded?

SALTworld was created in September 2014 by Dr. Brande Flamez. SALTworld is a nonprofit social service organization that was designed to provide volunteer services to developing countries.

Is SALTworld a charity?

SALTworld is a charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations to the organization are deductible as charitable contributions.

Who does SALTworld serve?

SALTworld services include the building of dispensaries, schools, and libraries; providing medical support to hospitals, and assisting orphanages in order to promote positive social change. Our nonprofit is committed to enriching and sustaining the lives and the livelihoods of poor and excluded people throughout the world. Volunteers also work alongside locals on poverty-alleviating projects to serve and learn together in order to make a real and lasting impact for the benefit of our entire global community.

I have a great idea for SALTworld. How can I submit an inclusion?

We would love to hear your ideas if there are projects you would like us to sponsor. We want our organization to resonate with our donors. Please complete the form under Get Involved and give us as much detail as possible.

I would love to help raise money. What can I do?

There are many ways you can help raise funding for acts of service around the world. Hosting a local fundraising event is a great way to to raise funds and awareness about the needs of developing countries we are sponsoring. If you would like to host a fundraising event, please reach out to as at info@SALT-world.org.

What percentage of money goes to those in need?

Our goal for first year donations is to have as close to 100% of donations actually pass through to those we are serving. No officers or board of director members are compensated. They all serve on a voluntary basis. All travel is paid from the officer and board members own pocket. Therefore, after some basic expenses (i.e., 501(c)(3) filing fees, etc) all donations will go to those we help – which in 2015 was 98%.  Very few if any non-profits can claim this!

When will I receive a receipt for my donation?

After you donate on the website you will automatically receive an email which includes a tax letter summarizing your donations for the year.

How do I submit a matching gift form from my company to SALTworld?

Many companies encourage their employees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support. Check with your human resource department to find out if you work for a company who matches charitable contributions. If so, fill out a matching gift form with our tax ID#, and scan and send along with your donation to: info@SALT-world.org

If you are donating online, please forward your confirmation receipt and the matching gift form to the Donation Outreach Team at info@SALT-world.org. For all Matching Gift inquiries, please contact the Donation Outreach Team at info@SALT-world.org.