The opportunity to change lives doesn’t just present itself when you graduate. As a student, you can use your compassion, energy, and selflessness to begin making a positive impact on the world. By becoming involved with SALTworld Inc., you have the chance to build awareness, raise funds, and educate others around the globe about our core values of commitment, leadership, and volunteerism. When you help people in need, you learn how you can make an impact on the world and help heal humanity. Even if you cannot travel to be directly involved in one of our projects, there are other ways you can help.

Read the following story from Robyn Srader-Lee, a Lamar University graduate, for an example how you can make a difference as a student.


Toys donated by Robyn

Everyone is born, but not everyone is born into a world of good fortune.  We put on our superhero capes, as children, and imagine saving the world.  As teenagers, we realize that we can do more to help create change by simply recycling, cleaning up beaches, or volunteering in our local communities.  Years go by and like most, I was ready to move into the world and make a difference.  Across the globe, I was witnessing hunger, poverty, and abuse.  There is always room for improvement I thought, so where do I begin?  I looked into traveling to other countries in need, but as a graduate student, I could not find the means to do so.  Feeling discouraged, I said to myself, “Who am I to get involved?  I am just trying to survive day to day myself”.  Shortly after this moment of feeling helpless, I looked around and acknowledged the fact that I have a pretty good life.  Some would even say I live like royalty compared to many other individuals in the world living without running water or a warm bed to sleep in at night.  So who am I to become involved?  I am a human being who has the power to create a better world by simply helping just one person at a time.  The smallest bit of change in a positive direction is progress.

I learned of SALTworld Inc. and the social change projects happening in Tanzania.  The pictures of the children there melted my heart.  I know that a child needs opportunities to learn, thrive, and satisfy one’s natural curiosity.  What better way to stimulate a child’s growing mind than through play.  I had the opportunity to donate toys that were distributed to Sambarai’s kindergarten graduates and so many more.  Although one day I would love to travel to see their smiling faces in person, I know I can still make a difference from right where I am now.  No matter where you are in the world or how old you are, there is no need to wait another day to help improve someone’s life.  Change happens every day by those who volunteer, donate, and spread awareness of those in need.  I am grateful to be involved with such a generous organization.”

Robin photo




Alpha Chi Chapter of LSU

Alpha Chi Chapter of LSU

SALTworld would like to extend a thank you to members of the Alpha Chi Chapter of the Chi Sigma Iota International Honors Society at Louisiana State University for collecting medical supplies for the Keni Dispensary and the Mu Sigma Chi Chapter at Murray State University for collecting soccer balls for St. Francis primary school, Upendo Orphanage, and the Sambarai kindergarten program in Tanzania.









This year SALTworld Inc. is collecting the following items by May 2017:

  1. Brand new shoes for ages birth-5 years old for Upendo Orphanage
  2. Brand new shoes for ages 5-12 years old for St. Francis Primary School
  3. Medications for Keni Dispensary
  4. Soccer balls for the children at St. Francis, Upendo Orphanage, and Keni community.


Read the following story by Dr. Rebecca Pender for an example of how you can make a difference in the world while still a student.  

Dr. Pender with soccer balls

A couple of summers ago I was given the opportunity to collect medical supplies to be sent to the Keni Dispensary in Tanzania. After reading about the project and seeing pictures of the dispensary being built, I felt drawn to collect medical supplies. I also knew that the project was much bigger than me and that is when I decided to get the community involved. I invited my church community, friends, and family to help me with the collection process. What I learned is that the community is incredibly giving and I would not have been able to collect what we did on my own. We were able to collect four disposable obstetrical kits, 11 hydrocortisone creams, 10 containers of acetaminophen, eight containers of aspirin, four infant pain and fever medications, four rolls of medical tape, three thermometers and thermometer covers, four packs of medical masks, seven elastic bandages, an assortment of sizes of bandages, eight tubes of antibiotic cream, cotton balls, medical scissors, and gauze. I found myself reflecting on how much I take for granted. If I cut myself, I can just grab a bandage, or if I get sick, I can just drive to the doctor. Collecting these supplies was truly an eye opening experience and one in which I am grateful that the community, my friends and family, and I were able to participate in.

Rebecca Pender is now an assistant professor at Murray State University.

If you are interested in fundraising to help our global efforts please contact us.

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