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Teen Crisis Hotline Project Israel December 2017

SALTworld is helping fundraise to maintain a teen crisis hotline. When loneliness and desperation becomes overwhelming and life feels like it is totally falling apart due to an acute stress or crisis episode, trauma, PTSD or other behavioral/personality disorders, troubled teens can turn to the Crossroads HOTLINE – a caring, responsive 24/7 ‘lifeline’. The Crisis HOTLINE is an integral part of our Core services helping to reduce the risk of suicidal and self-harming behaviors.

Crossroads provides life saving crisis intervention and prevention programs, including a social service safety-net, for at-risk Anglo teens in Israel who are struggling with social, emotional or educational difficulties. Crossroads Social Workers engage these teens on the streets of Jerusalem where they offer them a safe alternative to the chaotic and dangerous street scene. Their aim is to provide every at-risk teen with the hope, motivation, tools, and life-skills necessary to realize a promising future.

Organizational history:
In 2001, Crossroads was created to offer therapeutic services, to English-speaking at risk teens in Israel, who were not being engaged by a professional support system that could relate to them in their own culture and language.

Who they serve:
An overwhelming majority of the client population they serve are in a fragile emotional state and/or experiencing social problems. The target population comes from one or more of the following circumstances:
•    Sexual, Physical and Emotional abuse
•    Broken Families
•    Extreme financial hardship
•    Homelessness
•    Dropped / kicked out of school
Often, their way of coping is to try and numb their feelings of pain and worthlessness through drugs, alcohol and are in danger of physical harm (from others or self-inflicted).Crossroads Social Workers go to the streets of Jerusalem 2-3 nights a week where they engage with at-risk teens.The Social Workers begin by providing crisis intervention and inform teens about Crossroads services including our Drop-in-Center, Therapy, Crisis Hotline, Educational support, legal assistance and Job Center.