Tanzania Projects (July 2017)

Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest countries in terms of per capita income with the average person living on less than $1 per day. The country ranks 12th in the world for HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate, a fact that leaves many children orphaned and without family support. The 2016 social change projects we are working to support include:

Keni Dispensary: Building a laboratory for a medical dispensary

Many people walk for over 15 plus miles to have their babies or seek treatment for themselves or their children at a dispensary. Dispensaries provide medication, HIV testing, malaria testing, etc. People often go to a local dispensary because they have no transportation to reach a hospital and/or cannot afford to be seen at a hospital. SALTworld is raising money to help build a lab outside the dispensary that will have adequate testing equipment for various medical conditions and provide proper diagnosis and treatment. Medical supplies are also being collected for the pharmacy.



 Sambarai Kindergarten Program: Supporting a kindergarten program and helping build a medical dispensary


A kindergarten program was established in Sambarai/Kirima. This is the only kindergarten program offered for children in the area. Sambarai now has 80 students and two teachers. In December of 2015, 28 students graduated and will go on to primary school.The village where the school is located has no local dispensary for children and people if they become ill.  The dispensary started 20 years ago and remains incomplete.  When completed, the dispensary will help provide medical treatment to over 15,000 people in the surrounding area.  Our goal is to continue to fundraise and complete the building of the dispensary  In addition, we are fundraising to help provide a salary for two kindergarten teachers.  We are collecting size 10-1 children’s closed-toed tennis shoes and toys to give to each child graduating in December 2016.


St. Francis Primary School: Building housing for teachers and an equipment room for children with hearing and visual impairments


St. Francis is a primary school for students with disabilities in Moshi, Tanzania. There are 302 students enrolled ages 5-12, and approximately 180 students live at the school. Many students have hearing, visual, and auditory impairments. This school not only has children with disabilities, but helps protect children who are Albino. SALTworld is raising money to build adequate housing quarters for teachers.  These teachers live at the school and, as you can see below, the living quarters are not suited for teachers with a family due to minimal privacy.  We also want to purchase adequate bedding for teachers.  Additionally, SALTworld is raising money to build a room specific for children with hearing and visual impairments.  This room will include necessary equipment.  We are also collecting new closed-toed shoes sizes 7 toddler to size 2.



Children’s Wing of Hospital




Upendo Orphanage: Providing food and medication

Upendo Orphanage houses 16 girls, 15 boys, and 8 babies.  Many children have been found abandoned or their mothers passed while giving birth.  We are raising money to provide a year’s supply of formula, medication, and food for all children.  We are also collecting size 0-8 children sized, closed-toed shoes.



Zanzibar: Kiwegwa School

Kiwegwa School is located in Zanzibar.  We are collecting school supplies for the children.



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