Third Party Fundraising Policy

We are greatly appreciative of the countless fundraising initiatives organized in support of the Incorporation. Our Third Party Fundraising Policy is necessary to outline the responsibilities of fundraising organizers and to ensure consistent and accurate representation of the SALTworld Inc.

Please keep in mind the following when planning your fundraiser:

  • Your communication materials must reflect that the SALTworld Incorporation is only the beneficiary of your efforts. The Incorporation cannot be, or appear to be, in partnership with your organization, involved in the organizing, or collaborating with the organizers or their sponsors. 
A simple way to reflect this relationship is to use the wording XYZ Event ‘in support of the SALTworld Incorporation’ as in the example below.

“All proceeds raised at our event will be donated to the SALTworld Incorporation.”

  • We may request to see your promotional material(s) in advance of publication should they use the SALTworld Incorporation logo or other Foundation images or if you will be providing tax receipts. ‘SALTworld Incorporation’ cannot be shortened to ‘SW’ in any promotional materials.
  • The Incorporation’s limited capacity prevents us from having official representatives at every event. If you or the organizers of your event are comfortable speaking about the Incorporation, we encourage you to share the information found on our website. Please ensure that guests understand you are not speaking in an official capacity for the Incorporation.
  • We are continuously looking to update our fundraising resources and ideas. By sharing your fundraising ideas with us, you do so with the understanding that the SALTworld Incorporation may share your idea(s) or story through our website, e-communications, newsletter or other promotional materials.
  • As the organizer of your fundraising event, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the SALTworld Incorporation and its Board of Directors and employees from any and all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event.